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Multiple functional water friendly both day and night woman’s tunic style by inventor ZONI Stein this patented invention has no fasteners and has sold millions around the world and inventor STEIN has names the invention CHICTON®.

With only three opening that are placed along the side of the towel, you can stay confidently, completely comfortably covered, while having the freedom to use your hands. So whether you’re at home, the spa, by the pool or at the beach, you can wear it, change in it, lay on it or just use it to dry off.

Other modifications of the towel are well known however, all of these towels either use buttons, straps or fasteners to keep the towel from falling off. The able to wear Towel CHICTON® does not employ the use of any type of fasteners, buttons and straps.


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January 11, 2018


A towel that, yes, you can wear | WASHINGTON — “Our main goal,” says Zoni Stein — businessman, inventor, visionary — “is to put the towel of today into the Metropolitan Museum. Because we just...

December 25, 2017


"I've always had this inventive kind of streak," says Stein, 30, who lives in Miami and works for an investment firm when he's not pushing towels. "I always see what bothers me. I write down...

November 28, 2017


“It’s a complementing product,” Stein says. “It’s like a bathing suit product and a sweater product. It’s like a husband-and-wife thing.” Is the Wearable Towel making us stupid? “You must remember that ... half of...

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